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I’m guessing this was posted in regards to the issue with my parents finding my Tumblr and taking away my internet access for posting porn.

Well… they are right, you know. Porn is immoral and I should feel bad for drawing it. But I don’t, and that makes me even more horrible. I…

I’m a little torn.

  • On the one hand, obviously yes, parents shouldn’t discourage a kid from drawing X just because they don’t like X, because X can just as easily be “drawings that disagree with my political stance” or “drawings of ponies” just as easily as it can be porn or gore,
  • And on the other hand, I knowingly accept not going off the deep end with my political skews or trying to draw pornographic content because of my parents. (okay, my Dad specifically). Granted, there’s plenty of OTHER reasons not to draw these things, but all things being said I consider my folks first. (And, truthfully, he’s more bothered by my using the word “fuck” in a page every now and then far more than he is about me drawing a woman whose intestines are hanging out.)

The real problem is not the porn, it’s the fact there’s this disconnect between what the kid is doing and what the parents are doing — and yeah, there’s plenty of good reasons NOT to post the porn you draw when you’re still young enough that this is a problem, but when your first response is to yank internet access instead of explaining your rationale, there’s a problem.

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